Farrand will be attend the EPREI2017 in Jakarta
We are looking forward to meeting you at the fair.6.5kw- 2000kw FLD series brushless alternators will be on display Stand…
about us
Jiangsu Farrand Generator Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional middle-scale manufacturer of all types of alternators,integrating development and production together.FLD series alternators cover 6.5kw(8.1kva) to 2000kw(2500kva),voltage from 110V to 690v,single or three phase.All interfaces match most of the engine brands in the world according to international standard.Such as Cummins,eutz,MTU,Perkins,Volvo.
Farrand passed ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System,and all alternator items got CE certificate.Our alternators can pass the strict test of SGS,ITS and other the third party inspection agencies.Meanwhile,we adhere to the management theory of"quality first,credibility-based,sincere service"to create the corporate brand. Farrand carries out high standard technical regulation,techniques,strict quality inspection and mature quality guarantee system in order to manufacture trustworthy quality alternators.
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